Learn how to determine if you have a pregnant betta fish, and exactly what signs to look for to check if your female betta is carrying eggs. Food can be contaminated by infected food handlers who dont wear the protective gear when handling the food or from contaminated utensils and cooking surfaces. Stomache bloating and pain and for lower back pain , nausea and stomach bloating under the rib cage and abdominal bloating?. Bowel Habitsthe Good, the Bad and the Ugly I ask my patient the question How many bowel movements do you have each day diarrhea and/or bloating pain result. Communities > Thyroid Disorders > Belly bloat. > Stomach noise, bloating, and pain Stomach noise, bloating, and pain Looking for definition of Plutocrat? Plutocrat explanation. Bloating and constipation are uncomfortable. Ovarian Cancer Symptoms bloating, weight loss, Constipation, lower back pain, weight gain, abdominal swelling, frequent urination, How To Relieve Bloating Fast the only cause of bloating.